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Securing a managed account from Forex Associates is a simple 2-step process. Open a new account with Gain Capital dba, then  complete the LPOA to enroll in the FA Forex Growth Program. Use the links below and follow the directions.

1. Open a New Account with Gain Capital dba Complete the Online Application and fund the account using credit card, debit card or bank transfer with a $25,000 minimum amount:   Online Application- Click Here .   A dedicated account representative will contact you and assist you with opening and funding your account.

2. Complete the Online Managed Account Authorization – Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) authorizing Forex Associates, Inc as the Authorized Trader for your account. Print, sign (no e-signatures please) and fax the LPOA to 1-908-731-0777.   Once accepted, you will be enrolled in the FA Forex Growth Program: LPOA – Click Here

Have a few questions? Let’s schedule a convenient time to answer any questions regarding the FA Forex Growth Program. Please make a request through the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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